Zeche Zollern

As a prestige object of the largest mining company at the turn of the century, Zeche Zollern II/IV in Dortmund had a fantastic start in the late German empire. Soon afterwards, the spacious plant survived a career typical of technical monuments in the Ruhr area from the flagship of its time to an insignificant family mine, from a demolition object to the first technical monument of international standing in Germany.

Today, Zollern Museum marks the social and cultural history of mining in the Ruhr area and is the centre of the Westphalia Industrial Museum (WIM). The LWL presents the model mine to herald the structural transformation in the area. The permanent exhibition depicts by example the hard everyday life behind the beautiful brick façade and mines. Children slip into the role of miners during guided tours. An underground room and the compound has space for playing. Parties, film evenings, concerts and presentations round out the package.