Villa Hügel Essen

Located on top of a hill and thus receiving its name “Villa Hügel” was the residence of the Krupp family. The blueprints and planning were designed by the industrial pioneer Alfred Krupp himself. And the construction took place vom 1870 to 1873. Nowadays “Villa Hügel” is part of Germany’s industrial history and one of the most recognizable buildings in the Ruhr area.

Famous and influential people were regular guests and the mansion wasn´t only for living, it was also the main hub for the family business. Famous guests include emperors, kings, heads of states, and politicians from several countries.

Nowadays the mansion attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Art exhibitions are held on the regular here since 1953.

People that visit the “Villa Hügel” usually take a walk along the extensive “Hügelpark”. The park complex counts with around 7000 trees and the style is similar to an English garden.

The mansion is the start point of many themed tours. “Krupp and the city of Essen”, „Entrepreneur mansions in the Ruhr area“, „Ruhr area myth“as well as the „Weiße Flotte“– a great opportunity to explore the Ruhr area.

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