Menu card

Our lovely created buffets are delicious. You can choose everything you would like to dine. We are also offering à la carte.

Lunch menu

Lunch (until 17:00)

Salads and sandwiches

Classic Ceasar Salad € 13,50
with bacon, croutons, parmesan and chicken breast strips

Beef tartar €14,90
with quail egg and Foccaccia bread

Caesar salad € 13,90
with gambas, croutons, anchovies, parmesan cheese

Club Sandwich € 12,90
with chicken breast strips, baked egg and chips

2 meat croquettes € 8.90
with bread and a small salad 

Strammer Max € 9,90
with ham, cheese and bacon of your choice

Beef steak Ciabatta € 16,90
with braised onions and tartar sauce

Caprese Ciabatta € 9,90
Tomato-Mozzarella and Pesto


Tomato soup € 5,50
fresh herbs and croutons

beef broth €5,50
with insert

Main courses and pasta

Black Angus Burger (150g) €18,90
with bacon, cheese, tomato, gherkins, caramelized onions, salad, herb mayonnaise, in brioche rolls with french fries

Spaghetti €12,50
with mushrooms and onions, parmesan, fresh herbs

Papardelle Pasta €16,90
with creamed spinach, tiger prawns, olives, rocket salad

Fried veal liver €18,90
with caramelized onions and red wine sauce

Beef tenderloin tips €20,00
with mushrooms and paprika in cream sauce

Rumpsteak €21,50
with fried mushrooms, grilled tomato and herb butter/sauce Bernaise

In case of allergies or incompatibilities, please contact our service staff.


Cold starters

Beef carpaccio € 12,50
with garden salad, pine nuts, pesto, parmesan cheese

goat cheese € 13,90
with rocket salad, beetroot, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, gardencress

Smoked salmon candy € 12,90
with mascarpone, red onions, dried tomatoes, capers

Beef tartar (125g) €14,90
with quail egg and Foccacia bread
TIPP!!! Can also be ordered as main course

Caesar Salad „classic“ € 13,00
with bacon, croutons, chicken filet, Parmesan cheese 

Caesar Salad € 13,90
with prawns, croutons, anchovy, Parmesan cheese 

Bread with herb butter € 3,50

Small garnish salad € 3,50

Warm starters

Gambas Piri-Piri € 14,90
with Foccacia bread

Fresh gnocchi €10,50
in sage butter and dried tomatoes


Cream of tomato soup € 5,50
with croutons

French onion soup € 5,50
with cheese croutons

Beef & Fish

Meat dishes

Black Angus Burger (150g) €18,90
with bacon, cheese, tomato, gherkins, caramelized onions, salad, herb mayonnaise in brioche rolls with chunky potatoes

Original Wiener Schnitzel €16,90
Sauce of your choice

Fried chicken breast € 14,90
filled with spinach and mozzarella
served with coarse tomato sauce

Pork medallions €17,90
in bacon coat with roasted carrots
Sauce of your choice

Rumpsteak (250g) €23,90
with parsnip and grilled tomato
Sauce of your choice

Chateaubriand (2 persons) €50,90
Slices of beef fillet, with celery puree, cherry tomatoes,
fried onions and mushrooms
Sauce of your choice

 Filet steak (250 g) € 27,90
with port shallots and snow peas, red wine jus

Would you like additional sauce?
No problem! We charge €3,50 for it.
Choose from the following sauces:
Red wine sauce, mushroom cream sauce, pepper cream sauce, Stroganoff sauce, Sauce Hollandaise, sauce Bernaise, garlic sauce 

fish dishes

Grilled salmon fillet €19,50
with apricot compote and pistachio cream on leaf spinach

Cod fried on the skin €16,50
caramelised beetroot, seaweed and salsa verde

Black tiger prawns €25,50
fried, with vegetable spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, garlic oil

Sole Müllerin Art (450-500 gram) € 29,50
fried in butter and served with remoulade sauce

For all meat and fish dishes
we serve you fried potatoes, French fries and market vegetables



Spaghetti € 12,50
with mushrooms, goats, parmesan and fresh herbs

Papardelle € 16,90
with creamed spinach, tiger prawns, olives, rocket salad

Papardelle €14,50
with Piri-Piri chicken breast strips, parmesan, chilli and fresh herbs

Cheese spaetzle € 10,50
with fried onions



Crème Brulee € 6,50

Chocolate Souffle €7,50
with vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis

Coupe dame blanch € 5,50
Vanilla ice-cream, warm chocolate sauce and cream

Coupe Cerise € 6,00
Vanilla ice cream with hot cherries and cream

Strawberry Romanoff € 7,00
Strawberry ice, strawberry mousse,
fresh strawberries marinated with vodka


Kids menu

Penne Bolognese € 6,50

Roasted salmon € 6,50

Tacos € 6,50

Hamburger € 6,50

Bratwurst € 6,50

Bitter bales € 6,50