Fast charging stations at the hotel

Fastned, which is building a European network of fast charging stations, opens four fast charging stations at Van der Valk Hotel Gladbeck close to the A2. This is the first station of Fastned at a Van der Valk hotel and part of a collaboration to realise more stations in Germany. The Fastned fast charging station at Van der Valk in Gladbeck has a 50 kW and a 175 kW fast charger. This allows charging up to 50 times faster than at home and with 100% renewable electricity.

Fastned has the ambition to build a European network of 1000 fast charging stations, of which several hundred in Germany. Fastned currently has a network of 87 fast-charging stations, which of 9 are in Germany. Several Fastned stations are under construction including some at other Van der Valk hotels.