City of Düsseldorf

State capital of Nordrhein Western Pomerania

Art, culture, and modern architecture: Düsseldorf got a lot to offer.

Traveling from and to Düsseldorf is very convenient, thanks to the local airport with national and international low budget flights. From there the city center can be reached in 10 minutes, just head to the airport train station and hop on a ride.

Düsseldorf is considered a fashion city and the famous Königsalle or Kö contributed a lot to that title considering the many designer clothing stores that are located along this street.
About a 5-minute walk from the Königsalle takes you to the Altstadt. Plenty of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are located here, locals consider it the “longest bar in the world”, and fun is definitely guaranteed. 

The so-called Rhine bank promenade is the long walkway along the shores of the Rhine River. Several bars and cafés are located around here adding a Mediterranean vibe to the whole scenery. If you keep following the river bank you’ll eventually reach the Rheinturm, the tallest building in the city with an altitude of 234 meters. Entrances to the Rheinturm can be purchased online or on-site. Enjoy the majestic view while having a drink at the Rheinturm bar.  

Our hotel is conveniently located near a highway, making it easy to get to Düsseldorf by car. Public transport is also available. 

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